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Chapter 43 What in fuck's name

  • ==Olivia==
  • I peeled my eyes open, just in time for sun rays to stream in. I squnited, hugging my pillow tightly. I wished I could stay in bed forever, but for some reason, I rose. I yanked and stretched my body, and for some time, I stared blankly.
  • I, however, soon jerked out of my lazy gaze and walked straight to the bathroom to go through my morning routine. It didn’t take long for my stomach to give a loud groan, making me yawn a second time. I hadn’t had dinner last night, so now, I could really deal.
  • I got hold of some clothes before walking to the door. I pulled it open and just then, my gaze fell on the stuff lying the floor. A white shopping bag. It had the name Durrell printed on it. I looked around, wanting to spot whoever it was had dropped it.
  • I crouched down and grabbed the bag before getting inside. What is this? I dug my hand into the bag feeling the items inside. They were wrapped in what I supposed was polythene. I drew up one piece and my eyes widened when I saw it was.
  • I tore off the wrap and carefully unfolded the dress to reveal a red silk dress with a huge slit by the side. I almost laughed. What in heaven's name was this?
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