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Chapter 36 Screw him up

  • Jimmy Bellamy lit his cigarette, drawing in as much smoke as he desired before bellowing it out. What a godawful day it was. Bookehurt had a reputation of being extreme. Whenever it rained, everywhere was flooded. Sometimes, electricity would be cut off. Amd for days. When came the sun, however, blistering heat was the result. Same went with snow, wind, everything.
  • He sat on his rocking chair, looking out to the foggy environment. It was 8 in the morning, yet the weather made it seem it stilm was dawn. Jimmy hated the weather. He hated the town. Hated his neighbourhood—sometimes, hated his life. Well, not exactly hate. Nah, that wasn’t the right word. He wasn't just feeling it anymore. Bookehurt could be boring at times, and he was so done with it. However, all that changed some days ago when he happened upon a xiene.
  • Just thinking about it now sent shivers down his spine. The xiene was the rarest, oldest and undoubtedly the strongest clan…breed of werewolves. Everyone knew this. He knew this. He knew that a little number of them, just a few number…not up to 10 lived in Bookehurt. There were rampant in other towns such as Konnekut, Tyrex, Jyord, but not Bookehurt. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise that the happening of the days before kept Jimmy awake.
  • A xiene in Bookehurt. A fucking Xiene. And the worst thing is that the person who was this xiene was no other than the asshole Jimmy had met at the bar. The fucking bastard that made Yvonne moan like someone who hadn’t had sex before. Jimmy squeezed his eyes shut. The thought, it stung like wasp. He almost choked. He could swear that that was the bastard. He was a xiene. Jimmy had seen those crimson red orbs. He'd seen the unique set of teeth. The pangs. He had seen it all.
  • The fuck he had seen it.
  • “Now, for the secret ingredient,” a voice said from inside.
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