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Chapter 24 Get a grip

  • A guard pushed the door open, ushering Lyons into the fancy bar. Lyons headed straight for his favourite spot. A secluded region with just the right amount of privacy one could get. When he took his seat, a waiter showed up.
  • “Good day, sir. What can I get you?”
  • “I'll call you later,” Lyons said with a thin smile. The waiter nodded with and walked off. Lyons sighed. His nerves were tight. He hadn’t been able to sleep the previous night as he stayed awake, trying to come up with ways to convince her. Man, that lady was a pain. A fucking pain in the ass. He could still recall how monstrous she looked as she threatened him.
  • “I’ll tell the cops. You kidnapped her! she had said. Lyons hadn't been able to find the words utter at that point. He was shocked. Truly shocked to learn that Olivia Haynes was missing. He had told her little friend that he knew nothing about it. Of course, she didn’t believe him. But he was determined to clear his name. And so that was why he had arranged for them to meet.
  • Olivia Haynes. His heart wasn’t at peace. He had been thinking. Also with the fact that her father was…dead. Found in the most bizarre locations. Anyone in his shoes woukd be stricken with guilt. Some might spiral into depression, and ultimately end their miserable lives. But not him. Nah, Lyons had outgrown that joke called ‘guilt’. However, he did feel sad in some way, mostly for Olivia's sake. The girl was quite nice and shouldn’t—oughtn't to deal with this.
  • Lyons couldn’t tell if Leah knew about Pete's death. It was possible she didn’t. If not, she would have done something much more than issuing out threats.
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