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Chapter 18 Your owner

  • Chapter 21.
  • ==Olivia==
  • Swallowing down the heap of excitement in me, I opened the door. As soon as I did that, rays of sunlight hit me. I squinted my eyes. This was officially the first time that I was stepping outside. It was almost as if sunlight and fresh air had become a luxury.
  • I stepped out of the door, into the threshold and took the scene before me. This was the backyard, I supposed. There were a lot of plants. All green. They were everywhere. Lianas on the walls, grasses on the floor, trees, shrubs. A light breeze came through and I sighed. This was life.
  • I stared at the garden for some time, appreciating the nice breeze. The compound was big and there were a lot of twists and turns. How can anyone build such complexity?
  • I kept walking till I came before what looked like a maze. It was a hedge bush that had been cut into a shape. I got inside, rounding the structure.
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