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Chapter 56 Gone

  • ==Matteo==
  • From the mirror, her tiny figure loomed in. It took me so much not to swing open the door and lunge at her. The girl. She was seriously cat walking, stepping on the ground as of it were made of glass and as of she wasn't three minutes late. 
  • She reached where I was and stood beside the window. Her smile shown at me. I looked away, the frown not leaving my face. That was when the knock came to the window. Reluctantly, I wound down the glass. 
  • "You're mad." Her voice going into that sickeningly sweet tone that irritated me. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. You can't imagine. My mom kept telling me to find something decent to wear. Always, 'Peggy, those shorts are too short. You're showing too much skin. Or the neckline is too down. Go find something proper to wear.' I swear, Matt. I didn't plan on being late."
  • I didn't speak. Didn't even act as though she'd said something. 
  • "Come on, Matty. I swear, my mom—"
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