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Chapter 45 Ice cold shower

  • ==Matteo==
  • I was in an oven. Hot vent of air was squirted at me. Turning again, for the hundredth time, my eyes slipped open.
  • This was no oven. This was my room, but it had somehow had become enchanted and was now attempting to roost me alive. I took my eyes to the A.C. The swishing of air met my ears. So, the stuff was working. Why then was this place blazing hot?
  • Just to be sure, I walked to the A.C and shot my hand up. Cold air hit me, but it didn’t last long. As soon as the air hit me, it disappeared immediately, as if a force had driven it away.
  • My pajamas was glued to my skin. Sweat covered every part of my body. I frowned. What was all these?
  • I picked up the telephone beside my bed and was about dialing up my butler when something clicked inside of me. I reached for the desk calendar, narrowing my eyes on the date.
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