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Chapter 54 The way to man's heart

  • ==Olivia==
  • The way to a man's heart was obedience. Yes. You got to do as he said, never ask any questions whatsoever, and be the puppet he so wished you were. 
  • I had gone through all of Matteo's rules. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ROOM pretty much summed it all. Yes, I was gonna make this sacrifice. Thirty days spent solely in my home wouldn't hurt that much. I had all the time after that to live life. Also, I'd decided not to be caustic or brash, provided he respected himself and accorded me the respect I deserved. However, there was an exception. There existed a line. My obedience had a limit. It stopped at the threshold that led to smooching, caressing, all whatnot. Those kisses, the jerking off—they would all stop. That was unhealthy, and God willing, I'd go through therapy as soon as I got out. 
  • Next, those robes I'd been given on arriving here? Those were the stuff I'd be putting on. I was sure they still were stashed in the closet. Yes, I'd have them on, even though they were far from being my size and would leave me looking like a scarecrow. It was much better than parading around in some silk dress that measured me up to the lady Matteo banged the other day. 
  • Wasn't gonna wear my hair down. I didn't know what gave me the idea that Matteo was beginning me. Issh. Even thinking about it made me wanna slap myself back to reality. But somehow, the idea was stuck. And so, I had decided to appear as plain as possible. I was going to settle for a sleek low ponytail. Always. That should make him keep his lips to himself. 
  • And oh, whenever I was in the dining with him, I would think about home. The good things that awaited me: Leah and my college life. That would be enough distraction in keeping my mind off Matteo— wondering what was going on in his mind, or why he was stealing glances at me.  Henceforth, nothing about him mattered to me. He was just another guy who was unworthily fortunate to have good looks. 
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