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Chapter 30 Are you daft?

  • ==Matteo==
  • It was the most ugly thing I’d ever seen. Face scrunched and with fangs hanging menacingly. It roared and I shut my eyes, together with my nose.. Hoping that not a drop of spittle got to me.
  • I opened my eyes again, just in time for him to swing a fist towards me. I was quick. I diverted the blow, and grabbed his hands. He fought to wriggle free, but it was useless. I twisted his arm, making him growl. Then, I kicked him off me. I rose, fury blinding me. Who the hell was he?
  • Then, he turned back towards me. His eyes yellow like ember. He barked. Opening up his fist and exposing his claws.
  • In that moment, I roared. My vision changing. He charged at me, but I was swifter. I slashed his face with my claws. He fell to the ground, groaning. I walked over to him.
  • I was ready for another face off, but to my surprise, he laid still on the floor. His eyes wide with…shock?
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