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Chapter 4 Mocked By A Group Of Ladies

  • Elena held her bag tightly and turned around. Looking at the group of ladies in front of her, she said with a faint smile, "I actually came here to buy things. Big sister, you are also here to buy things, right?"
  • "Sister? Amara, since when did you have a younger sister? Why have I never heard you talk about this before?"
  • The woman standing beside Amara had a sharp voice. The way she spoke made Elena feel very uncomfortable.
  • As she spoke, the woman carefully sized Elena up and down. She suddenly seemed to remember something and her eyes lit up. "Oh, I remember now! She was the Elena who was chased out by your grandfather. Why is she dressed so shabby? Is she trying to bring shame to your Lewis family?"
  • The other woman's tone became even harsher. She looked at Elena with a mocking gaze. She looked at the later as if she was looking at a beggar.
  • Elena snorted coldly. She knew that they could not say anything good. The women who could walk with Amara were not good people.
  • These women would definitely do their best to please Amara and mock her.
  • Amara saw that Elena's expression was somewhat dissatisfied. She could not help but reveal a pleased smile and said, "Don't say that. Although my sister is not in the Lewis family usually, she is still a member of Lewis family."
  • "Her cloths are too shabby. Is she a member of the Lewis family? Amara, only someone as kind as you would admit that she is your sister. If I were you, I would have told her to scram far away. When I saw her shabby appearance, I felt that she had contracted an infectious disease."
  • The woman covered her nose as she spoke. She acted as if Elena really had an infectious disease.
  • Elena did not get angry, instead she laughed. She looked at the women who were trying to please Amara and said, "It's your freedom to please others. But don't randomly scold people. Otherwise, your mouth will rot!"
  • "Who are you scolding?" The woman beside Amara got furious when she heard Elena's words.
  • Elena did not hold back when she spoke to this kind of person. "If you look in the mirror, you will know who I am scolding."
  • Moreover, she often heard harsh words. So she would not take these words to heart.
  • Amara slightly narrowed her eyes. She had not seen Elena for a few days. This woman was now able to speak and defend herself. It seemed like her temper had gotten worse after she went to the Monor family.
  • Amara looked at Elena and revealed a cold smile. "Stella, my younger sister is now the Monor family's Second Young Madam. She not only represents the Lewis family but also the Monor family. If she is bullied, the Monors will blame us. I won't be able to explain it to my brother-in-law."
  • "Second Young Master of Monor family's wife?" Stella became even happier when she heard this.
  • "Is he that cripple with crippled lower body? I heard that he can't love the women the most. Is your sister's life happy after marriage?" At the end of her sentence, Stella laughed out loud.
  • Elena sneered and said with a faint smile. "Are you jealous? Do you want me to give you the position of Second Young Madam?"
  • "Do I envy you?" Stella wanted to say something sarcastic, but she was afraid that it would really spread to the Monor family. It was not wise for her to mock Second Young Master in public.
  • Stella didn't dare to scold the Monor family. But they dared to insult Elena.
  • Stella took a step forward and fiercely slapped Elena across her face, "I must teach you a lesson today!"
  • Elena didn't expect Stella to suddenly make a move. Her face tiled to the side and she felt a little dizzy after being slapped.
  • She felt a little salty in her mouth. It was blood.
  • Elena wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and suddenly laughed out loud. "Hahaha. . ."
  • The three women didn't understand why she was laughing. Could it be that she was stupid?
  • Amara also could not see clearly what Elena wanted to do.
  • "What are you laughing at?" Stella looked at Elena's appearance and suddenly lost her confidence.
  • "I am laughing at this woman for being very stupid. Although I am the abandoned daughter of Lewis family, but I am now the Second Young Madam of Monor family."
  • "So what? You are just a widow. Don't forget, Ryan Monor is not the master of the Monor family!"
  • Furthermore, he wouldn't be the master of Monor family in the future. Elena did not have any reliance on him.
  • "That's why I said you are stupid" Elena slowly approached Stella and said, "If I bring back the words that you used to scold my husband, what do you think will happen to you?"
  • If the people of Monor family got angry, not only would they punish Stella, they would also punish her entire family.
  • Stella was a little afraid when she heard this. She took a step back and got back on her words, "What did I say? I didn't say anything. Don't frame me!"
  • Elena saw that Stella still did not understand her situation. She kindly reminded.
  • "Do you think the Monor Family will believe me or you?"