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Chapter 8

  • Unaware of the danger that is growing against him, Ivan finally found a place to stay. It was a single apartment on top of an old building, just like his apartment in the city of Beng.
  • He really prefer this kind of apartment, they relatively cheaper compared to those newly build buildings. Not to mention that they are usually more peaceful since most of their residents are the oldies. Young people would definitely prefer those modern type buildings.
  • Ivan don't have many things with him, he left most of his belongings to Mrs. Cloud. He only had a bag of clothes and the plastic container that contains cookies that Helen give to him. 
  • He put his belongings on top of an old table on the side of the room. Then he lie down his tired body on the bed. "I really don't know what awaits me here, but I hope that I will be able to fulfill whatever dad wants me to do." he thought as sleep starts to visit him.
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  • The next thing he knew it was already a new day. He went out to buy some staff and do a breakfast before he came back to his apartment. He took a bath then prepare to leave. "Today my mission starts!"
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