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Chapter 51

  • To the most, the night pass as usual. Nothing to fuss about it. They went to bed as darkness covers the land, then when they wake-up the surrounding slowly showing itself yet again.
  • But to a two young men inside an old apartment, the night that has been seems to the longest night ever they had. They, with big eye bags, both seated in their own respective beds in silence and wondering on what to do next. Fear is very evident in both young men's faces.
  • It is not that they are timid. The problem is the group that they might be against is something they can't affrord to confront. Much more, the cousin is also well aware of the One Mercenary's way.
  • They can't imagine how their cousin and once upon a time close and childhood friend became so cruel that he even want them dead. Though Rando's report failed to identify David's target, the timing of the sudden appearance of the One Mercerary alone heightened their suspecion.
  • Suddenly the silence was broken!
  • "BEEP! BEEP!"
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