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Chapter 6

  • Ivan went directly to the bus station to book his trip tomorrow. Then went home to settle everything before his trip.
  • He went to see Mrs. Cloud next door.
  • "Ivan, what brings you here?" asked the old woman.
  • "Well..." Ivan was little hesitant but he continued it anyway. "I will be going on a trip tomorrow. And it could last for few months. So... I need to surrender my unit. I was thinking if I can bring my things in your place for the meantime? If it not so inconvenient with you?"
  • He really doesn't want to do this, but renting a unit for about 6 months without anyone staying is but a waste to money.
  • "Silly boy, what are hesitating about. Of course you can! My sons room are seldom used anyway. You bring your things there." Mrs. Cloud answered
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