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Chapter 47

  • With Paul's reminder, Anthony's hatred is reignited. His eyes turned red due to hatred towards the Pollard family as a whole.
  • Anthony's mind started counting all the grievances he had over the years. By birth order alone, he is the oldest in his generation. Thus it is expected that he, Anthony Pollard, will be the next master of the family. Plus, his father is the master of the family back then. Such advantage give him the confidence he for sure will be the next master of the Pollard family.
  • Unknowingly to him, as they grow-up, the elders starting to be swayed by his cousin. William started showing his leadership skill. While he, the overconfident Anthony, just focused on his own interest. He put his whole attention in his cultivation, believing that being the family's master must be the strongest in the whole family. So most often, he was in seclusion and unaware of what was going on in his surrounding.
  • When he finally noticed the changes in the elders preference, it is already somewhat late. Yet, he still argued. And stand in his belief that the strongest should be the head. Few elders find his argument as reasonable so they decided to give him a chance to show his leadership skill.
  • But after years of trying he still failed to show that he is a leader, thus disappointed those few elders. He still want to ask for a chance but even his own small agrument turned into William side. As William cultivation's level soared high and surpassed his. Thus nailing the debate and putting William as the next master as unarguable.
  • Anthony put his last hope on his father, but even his father was convinced by William. Anthony's father is a leader by example not by force just like William. So even he really want to pass the throne to his son, he still choose who is best for the family. Leaving Anthony in dream land, believing that William stole his birthright.
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