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Chapter 7

  • After almost seven hours, the bus finally came to stop. Ivan waited for all other passenger to get out, like prisoners who got the chance to escape from prison, before he moved. "What is there to rush?" he smirked.
  • "Sigh! City of Ontoc! My former playground..." he thought as he look around. It has been three years. The place seems the same as he remembered but he can't no longer the feel the feeling of being at home. His parents used to own a lot of businesses here. So, it was not exaggerated to say that city was the boy's playground.
  • He decided to walk to find a place to rent to stay. After all they no longer had a single property in city anymore. Unknowingly he came near to the city's tallest building. He look at the name plate of the building in front, "Redd Tower." "Dad, I'm back."
  • This is father's last legacy, when his parents encountered an accident six years ago this is the only property his father never touched. Everything was sold, except for this one. But sadly to say, three years ago, even this building was snatched from them.
  • He just look at the building with mix emotion in his face. Then he turn around and was about to leave.
  • "Ivan! Ivan Redd, is that you?" a man at the same age as Ivan shouted. He look very much like Ivan. He was running from building, being followed by few companions.
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