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Chapter 24

  • But suddenly, a loud and angry laugh burst out in the room.
  • "Hahaha! So that how is it! So this is what my dad had been wanting me to do. He want justice! You! You fool people cheated my desperate father in believing your bullsh*ts!" Ivan cursed at the top of his lungs as he anger could clearly be seen in his action.
  • Mr. Pollard and Elma was shocked with Ivan's word. And Elma was about reprimand but was stopped by Mr. Pollard.
  • Ivan then continued to say what he want to say, "You gave us your old house and offer us a lot of help. We thought back then that you were indeed a friend helping but now I finally know your reasons. GUILT! You people were guilty for pushing my father to his death."
  • "Body light! Mystic Herb! Bullsh*t! What we era are we now! You people are simply fools believing in such a thing and even drag my desperate father in it..." Ivan was still cursing but suddenly felt a strong killing aura enveloped the area.
  • "YOU! ENOUGH!" Elma shouted and pulled a sword and attacked Ivan. Ivan touched the beautiful lady's bottom line with his words.
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