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Chapter 21

  • Ivan was touched when he heard Arthur has to say.
  • "Do you really plan to go against your father?" Ivan could only asked.
  • "I'm not totally going against my father. I'm going with his teachings. The father I grow up with teach me to be just no matter who I'm going against with." Arthur answered with a sad face.
  • Ivan suddenly had a deeper respect with this cousin of his. It seems that Arthur is not only helping him but trying to win Max back to being a good person.
  • "Then how are you planning to do it?" Ivan asked again.
  • "We originally thought of collecting strong evidence then file a case with the intention of winning. But after years of collecting evidence we failed, so last month we agreed that even though we have a very strong chance of losing we can't delay any further. We have to show them that not everyone is going with their evil deeds. So, we just filed the case last week. We just waiting for the court to schedule the hearing, coincidently you came back." Arthur explained.
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