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Chapter 45

  • Seeing the new arrivals, Ivan somehow expected the beautiful young was among them as he did not saw her during the meeting earlier. She in none other the lady who attacked him when he first came here. She is Elma, Mr. Pollard's secretary
  • But the two middle age man caught Ivan in surprise... "What are they doing here?"
  • "Greetings, Master!" the three new arrival greeted Mr. Pollard in unison.
  • Then the two middle age man turned to Ivan and said their greetings.
  • "Doc... Doctor Martin, Doctor Sean, what are you two doing here?" Though Ivan had a general idea when he saw this two greeted Mr. Pollard as their master, but he can't help but asked.
  • Yes, the two are both an old acquintance. As they are both Isabel's doctors.
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