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Chapter 46

  • "For the same reason as why we don't want the manual to be photocopied, we also discouraged phone conversation that Body Light is it's topic. So, though you can call me anytime and asked for anything, but except about our cultivation. I hope you understand." Mr. Pollard patiently and apologically explained.
  • Then he continued, "But in order to fully support you and your goal we, the Pollard, won't let go out in your own. One of your senior will accompany you outside. Don't worry that senior of yours is one with the highest understanding about the Body Light Cultivation."
  • Ivan eagely and gladly accepted such arrangement. He fully understand the sensitivity of the situation, so sending a senior with him in the outside only shows the sincerity of the Pollards. What else could he asked for.
  • But unknown to Ivan, his eagerness put him in a situation he would not wish to be in. Because that "senior" is someone he never wished to have a close relationship with.
  • "So Mr. Pollard who is this senior of mine? Did I, by any chance had already meet him?" Only now did Ivan asked. Since the people of the Pollards had long been entangled wirh them secretly then it came to him that he might had already meet this senior.
  • "Yes, she is actually here with us."
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