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Body Light

Body Light

Wiland D. Apola

Update: 2022-06-29

Chapter 1

  • Prologue
  • Inside the Mystic cave.
  • "Master!" greeted by the young disciple as he bow to meet his master.
  • "Did you bring the manual with you?" asked by the old man as he slowly approach his disciple.
  • "Yes Master..." answered the the young disciple but he suddenly noticed something's wrong with his master. "... Master you're bleeding?"
  • "What happened? Where is Master Long?" continued the young man as he held his master and help him sit down.
  • "Lucas, we were betrayed by Shadow Sect. And Master Long is dead." answered the the old man weakly as he pressed his right hand into his stomach to suppressed the bleeding.
  • Yesterday the two master of the Arc Sect finally agreed to the Shadow Sect's dinner invitation. The Shadow Sect has been reaching out to them since the old master of the Arc Sect died almost two years ago. The Shadow Sect were saying that since all those who were involved in the conflict of the two Sect century ago has  now all gone then it's about time for the two to reconcile.
  • At first the Arc Sect were hesitant, so they reject them the invitation several times. But yesterday the two master of the Arc Sect finally agreed. The Shadow Sect seem sincere after all.
  • "Why...? What...? Ma...master Way, Master Long how..?" cried Lucas. Stunned and shocked Lucas didn't even know what to ask anymore. For Lucas, Master Long is not only the Arc Sect's headmaster but also his biological grandfather so this sudden news is double blow to him.
  • The weakened Master Way allowed Lucas to cry out agony for few minutes before he spoke again. "Lucas, calm yourself now. I need your full attention." pleaded Master Way.
  • "But Master Way, Master Long is..." Lucas still want to complain but was stopped by Master Way.
  • "Lucas, I will be leaving in few minutes so I want you to listen to me carefully." Master Long pleaded.
  • Only now that Lucas remembered that Master Way is bleeding. "I'm sorry Master Way, I forgot. I'll help you stand up, we have to go to hospital."
  • Master Way interrupted him and said weakly: "Forget it, I won't make it. Even if I can by the time we can come out from the cave we'll both be killed."
  • "But..."
  • "Listen Lucas when I came here I'm being followed by the Shadow Sect, if not for all the elders of the Arc Sect I would not have make it here."
  • "The elders? Master, when I left, all of them are are the temple how..."
  • "Master Long died from self explosion. This is to first, gave me time to escape. Second is for his body not to be in the hands of the Shadow Sect. Unfortunately, blowing his body is also give an impression as a distress call to all elders of our sect."
  • It needs a tremendous amount of pure energy to self explode and to the Arc Sect releasing tremendous energy is also a way of calling for help in case of trouble. Further more, all elders can determine who's energy they have sensed. So as expected when sensed the energy released by Master Long they all take action.
  • But since Master Long exploded, his energy faded. By then the elders know that Master Long is dead so they immediately search for Master Way's energy. 
  • When Master Way was almost near the cave the pursuers caught up with him. But also the Arc Sect's elders came to him at the same time. Seeing Master Way's condition the elders know what to do. Though they are out numbered, they stop and faced the pursuing Shadow Sect's member head on. And allow Master Way to continue his way to the cave.
  • Hearing this, Lucas don't know what to say so he remain silent in agony.
  • Master Way could only continue, "The elders are out numbered caused the Shadow Sect betrayed us with the help of the Witch Village."
  • Hearing this Lucas panicked.
  • "Then... then the elders are in dangerous situation, what can we do Master? They need help!" Lucas said anxiously.
  • "It's too late, I can't sense their energy anymore. I'm afraid they are all dead by now." answered by Master Way as his tears begin to fall.
  • "Noooooo! This can't be! Master, we have to make sure maybe there is a chance" Lucas shouted and start to running towards the exit.
  • "Stop! Lucas! I need your full attention, the pursuers will be here in a minute."
  • "But... but Master the elders need my help"
  • "It is useless, they are dead!"
  • "But!"
  • Lucas slump to the ground and can't help but cry again.
  • "Lucas, as I said I be leaving to the point of no return. So you are to lead the Sect from now on. I'm sorry."
  • "Master, you can't say that. We will find a way to get out of here and go to a doctor."
  • "Lucas, if I stays the sacrifices by Master Long and the elders will be in vain. And the essence of our sect will be gone. We both know the purpose of the Shadow Sect and the Witch Village. They want to know the cultivation method of Body Light technique. With them combine even if I get out from here dead, they still have a way. With the Shadow Sect's Reviving technique and the Witch Village's hypnosis they can still get the information from me. This is one of the reason why Master Long had to self explode and the same reason why I can't come out from here dead or alive." said Master Way.
  • The Body Light technique is unique technique by Arc Sect, that is to use body energy to illuminate like a light. That light is the only light that can be use in the inner part of the Mystic cave, other form of light loses its effect once they reach the boundary of the outer and inner part of the cave. In the inner most part of the Mystic cave, around three hours walk from boundary, is the haven of the mystic herb that is being nurtured by the energy coming from the tons of jade stones.
  • "But Master if you die then the essence of the Arc Sect will also die with you. Even if we have the manual, without a master to teach us we can't master the Body Light technique" Lucas argued. He was really hoping his Master to change his mind. But he also knows that what Master Way's words are true.
  • The Arc Sect only allow a maximum of three of separate generation to master the Body Light technique. Only when one dies that they begin to train a new one from younger generation. The different generation is to preserve the Body Light technique and the maximum of three is protect the mystic herb from being abused.
  • "By the give me the manual." Master Way ordered.
  • "Here Master." Lucas obediently handed the the manual.
  • "Have you ever read the last three pages of this?"
  • "No Master, I know it's not allowed so I never dared. And just wait for the time that you will allow me to read it."
  • Today actually was supposed to be Lucas' first day in cultivating the Body Light technique. He had been mastering the first pages of the manual since old master died two years ago, and today he will finally be allowed to open the last three pages. So this is also the reason why he is in the Mystic cave.
  • "Good! Lucas, I have new mission for you." Master Way said weakly.
  • 'At least the Shadow Sect and Witch Village can't get anything from you once they reach here.' he thought 
  • "Say it master." Lucas answered eagerly as they notice tens of people coming from the entrance. They are the pursuers from the Shadow Sect and Witch Village.
  • 'So the elders are indeed all gone.' Lucas thought as another bunch of tears start falling from his eyes.
  • "Once you get out from here, lead the Arc Sect in rediscovering the Body Light technique. This is the new mission I have for you and the new essence of the Arc Sect." Master Way said as he tore apart the last three pages of the manual and put it in his pocket.
  • "Master!" Lucas could only exclaimed and tried to stop his master's action but stopped midway. He knows that there is no other way. The Body Light technique should disappear for now if they are to save mystic herb. After all the main objective of the Arc Sect is to protect the mystic herb.
  • "The pursuers will be here in a minute. I have to be deep enough before they reach here so they can't catch me. Lucas, I'm sorry but you have to start from the scratch. But I believe in you, even if you can't rediscover in your generation. Just by leading the Arc sect with your current knowledge and with help of the remaining pages of the manual I know that someday the Body Light technique will be rediscovered." Master Way explained as he illuminates his body in starting moving towards the inner part of the Mystic cave.
  • Lucas could only watch as Master Way moves farther and deeper in to the inner part of the cave. When the pursuers reach Lucas, Master Way's illuminated body has long gone.
  • Only then did Lucas shouted, "I promise Master!"