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Chapter 25

  • Ivan was so bewildered for what had he just learned. So surprised that he does not know what to at the moment. He had the feeling like the world he knows was actually not even half of the whole.
  • After he went out of the Arc villa, he just keep walking along the road going nowhere. His mind and emotion is spinning like a tornado.
  • He had been walking for unknown time and distance. Until his feet starts to get weaker and so his stomach starts growling. He pulled his phone to check the time. "2p.m., no wonder why."
  • He looked around to see if there is any restaurant in the area, luckily there is small one at the corner.
  • Uncle's Resto
  • The place is quite old fashioned one. The kind of business being run by an small family where almost all the crews are part of the family.
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