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Chapter 16 In Exchange For Her Freedom

  • Fiancée? Turns out that lady is Flynn's fiancée. If he's engaged, why did he give me his word? He promised to take good care of me. What about that woman?
  • “Don't tell me you have absolutely no clue about that,” Maverick calmly added, observing the shock etched on her face.
  • Josephine didn't even need to take a closer look to know that the file was about Flynn.
  • Yes, Maverick can easily resurrect the dead or kill someone with a word. It's useless for me to make a last-ditch effort in front of him.
  • “Why are you not saying anything? It's common for someone like you to be involved with a married man, let alone an engaged man. Why are you so surprised?” Maverick placed the file on the coffee table as his gaze landed on her.
  • Josephine bit her lip, feeling wrongly accused. “Mr. Lambert, I'd like to talk to you.”
  • “Talk to me? And who exactly are you to talk to me?” Maverick chuckled coldly, his tone laced with contempt. “Which identity will you assume? The daughter of the Quillen family or my wife?”
  • “Mr. Lambert, I'm willing to do whatever you ask of me. I can clean your house, cook for you, and take care of your laundry. I'll do everything within my power to repay the debt. Please, grant me my freedom,” Josephine pleaded earnestly. All she desired was to regain her liberty. Regardless of what awaited her in life, she refused to remain confined within the walls of this mansion, devoid of a life of her own.
  • Both Maverick and Gregory looked at Josephine. She had not previously declined Maverick's proposition but now expressed a fervent desire for her freedom.
  • “I have plenty of servants. I don't need another one.” Her words sounded like the most ludicrous joke to Maverick. “Even if you offer yourself in exchange, how much do you think you're worth? Your father, Cliff Quillen, took sixty million from me. I'm already kind enough to allow you to pay off the debt. How dare you push your luck?”
  • Fear coursed through Josephine's veins when she heard his words. She had no idea Cliff's debt was that huge. I can never earn this much money in my lifetime. Am I going to lose my freedom?
  • “Give me some time to consider your suggestion. If I'm satisfied with your actions, you'll stay here.” Maverick would never share his belongings with others.
  • “Gregory, investigate Flynn Cheswick thoroughly. Determine the value and significance of acquiring Jurich Group,” Maverick ordered. He wanted to know how important Flynn was to Josephine.
  • As he rose to his feet, Josephine quickly grabbed his hand. “Mr. Lambert, please don't take action against Flynn. I beg of you.”
  • “Flynn, huh? It appears you have a close relationship with him,” Maverick dismissed her hand with a forceful shove. “Are you the obedient one here, or should I be the one listening to your commands? How dare you plead for his mercy? The more you beg, the grimmer his fate shall become.”
  • “I won't see him! I won't see him again!” Josephine hollered at the man who was going up the stairs.
  • Gregory glanced at her. “Ms. Quillen, please control yourself. Don't embarrass Maverick.”
  • “Please, I need your help to beg him not to target Flynn, okay? I promise I'll be good,” Josephine pleaded hastily. Having lost everything herself, she desperately wished to spare Flynn from falling into the same dire circumstances.
  • Gregory said nothing as he couldn't call the shots. Josephine's anxiety heightened as she gripped her phone. However, she couldn't muster the courage to dial the number.
  • “Ms. Quillen, please get some rest. You've been working the entire day,” Rosa advised, observing Josephine as she tirelessly trimmed plants in the garden, occasionally glancing at her phone while appearing lost in her thoughts.
  • The sky was getting dark, so Josephine returned to her room. After taking a shower and changing her clothes, she emerged just in time to witness Maverick's return. Approaching him, she greeted, “Mr. Lambert, you've returned.” She gently took his suit jacket from him.
  • Maverick settled on the couch and noticed the old phone on the coffee table. I can't believe she's using this phone from so many years back. It's not even in production anymore.
  • “Get me a cup of coffee.” Maverick switched on the TV and scrolled to the finance channel.
  • A melodious ringtone resonated through the air. Maverick shot the ringing object an icy glance, causing Josephine to hastily leave the kitchen and reach for her phone. However, her hand paused midway as she caught sight of the caller ID. Under his chilling gaze, she dared not answer the call.
  • “Why won't you answer it?” Maverick wasn't looking at her but was aware of her every move.
  • Josephine wanted to answer the call back in her room but knew it would merely ignite his suspicion. Hence, she had to answer the call in the living room. “Hello?”
  • “Jojo, where are you? Why didn't you attend classes today? Are you sick?” Flynn had gone to the campus to search for her but couldn't find her anywhere. After inquiring with her classmates, he discovered that she hadn't attended any classes. Growing concerned, he hastily called her, hoping to find some answers.
  • “I'm fine. I'm not sick. I simply had some matters to attend to today.” Josephine did her best to lower her voice, yet Maverick still managed to catch every word she uttered.