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Chapter 12 Nothing Between Them

  • Josephine's tears began to fall once again when she sat down at the dining table and saw the food that Rosa had prepared for her.
  • “You are sick and haven't had anything for dinner last night, so please eat up! Mr. Lambert won't be coming home tonight, so just stay home and get some rest.” Rosa gave her a pat on the shoulder before returning to the kitchen.
  • Josephine put on a thin, white jacket and sat on the bench in the backyard. The scenery there was very beautiful, but she didn't like it one bit.
  • After spending the entire day at home, Josephine returned to campus the next day. After all, life still went on for her. At noon, she went to a nearby bank all by herself and whipped out the only ATM card that she had. That little bit of money inside was all her life's savings that she had saved up while working.
  • This isn't much, but I could always make more money!
  • With that in mind, she kept her head low and slowly made her way forward, all while clutching her handbag tightly. Josephine had never expected to feel so helpless after being adopted by the Quillen family.
  • “Jojo?” someone called out to her affectionately. It had been a really long time since she last heard that, so she even thought for a second there that she was hearing things.
  • A slender figure then walked up to her and continued, “Hey, Jojo, it's me! Don't you recognize me?”
  • Josephine looked up at the man standing before her. He looked just as handsome and gentle as he always did. The golden rim around his glasses made him look all the more sophisticated and gentlemanly.
  • That man was none other than Flynn, whom she had waited five years for.
  • “What's wrong, Jojo? It's me, Flynn! I'm back!” Flynn said as he reached out and held her hand. His voice still sounded as pleasant as ever.
  • Josephine nodded in response. “Yeah, I know. You're finally back, Flynn. It's so good to see you again.”
  • She was not expecting to reunite with him in such a way after five years of separation.
  • Josephine did not feel as happy or excited as she thought she would. She wanted to throw herself in his arms and cry her heart out while telling him how much she missed him.
  • “Why aren't you happy to see me?” Flynn asked while staring at her. Although Josephine had changed a lot over the past five years, he could still recognize her at first glance. That was because he had never forgotten about her.
  • I worked hard for five long years in order to provide her with the best quality of life possible, but life is always full of surprises. I finally became the executive director of Jurich Group, but at the cost of being engaged to Blossom Jurich... What a joke! No amount of hard work will make a difference unless I have someone powerful to back me up. As such, I am willing to pay the price for Jojo's sake!
  • “I'm really happy that you're finally back, Flynn,” Josephine replied with a sob. She had assumed that she wouldn't shed another tear after all that crying the night before, but that was clearly not the case here.
  • Flynn reached out and pulled her into his arms. “I'm sorry for taking so long, Jojo. I won't let you suffer ever again.”
  • Ever again? Do we even have a future together? My father sold me to Maverick, and Flynn has already found himself a beautiful woman.
  • Just thinking about the amount of suffering she had endured for him brought Josephine to tears once again, and she cried out loud in his arms.
  • Thinking that she was just crying because she missed him a lot, Flynn gently patted her on the back and said, “There, there... Just let it all out, Jojo. I love your pretty smile, so I won't let you shed a tear ever again.”
  • After what seemed like forever, Josephine got out of his embrace, and Flynn brought her to a nearby café.
  • After sitting down across from each other at a table, Josephine asked, “When did you come back, Flynn? How have you been throughout the past five years?”
  • Judging by the branded suit and leather shoes he has on, I'd say he probably had a great time! I'm just glad life has been treating him well.
  • “I've been well, Jojo. What about you? Have you been well too? You look a lot skinnier!” Flynn then handed her a plate of snacks and said, “Here, these are your favorite snacks. Eat up.”
  • Josephine stared at Flynn, who seemed to be no different from the guy who had always doted on her. Letting her have the tasty treats was something he used to do as well.
  • “Okay! You should eat some too, Flynn.” Josephine placed the plate in between them so they could share it.
  • Anna, who was keeping Maverick company while he met up with a client, suggested that they take a break in a nearby café. Maverick paused in his tracks when he saw Josephine sitting by the window.
  • I can't believe she has been lying to me all this while! I bet she would have continued denying it if I didn't catch her in the act today.