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The Substitute Wife: My Husband Is the Heartless Mafia King

The Substitute Wife: My Husband Is the Heartless Mafia King

Juliet Rowse

Last update: 2023-09-19

Chapter 1 She Is Just A Substitute

  • Deep in the autumn night, the dreary moon would give anyone who saw it the chills.
  • Kapersky Hotel was the most luxurious hotel in Avenport, and the entire establishment had been reserved on that fateful night. The person who did so was none other than Maverick Lambert, the King of the Underworld, a man whose power extended throughout the globe and whose name was enough to cause one to quake in fear.
  • Dressed in a sharp black suit, he sat inside an opulently-decorated private room. His view was clouded by the smoke that swirled into the air from the cigarette between his fingers.
  • “Maverick, everyone has drunk their fill, but it's getting late.” A man with tanned skin and bushy eyebrows spoke in a loud voice.
  • “Maverick, the daughter of the Quillen family is famous for being a social butterfly and has been with a lot of men. Aren't you worried about being short-changed?” another man commented.
  • It was clear from their tone that both of them weren't in favor of the marriage. However, the opinion of subordinates like them carried no weight when Maverick himself didn't object to it.
  • Consequently, all they could do was grumble behind his back.
  • “Cliff Quillen owes me so much money that offering his daughter to me isn't enough to clear his debt,” Maverick sneered.
  • “Maverick, are you saying that Cliff is just trying to buy time? Does he really think his daughter is worth a lot?” This time it was Gregory Lohan, one of Maverick's right-hand men, who spoke.
  • Maverick continued to smoke calmly. “Keep a close eye on Cliff. I want him to suffer a fate worse than death!”
  • “In that case, Maverick, are you going to torment your wife the same way too? Or...” The man who spoke let out an insidious smile. Many had heard of the Quillen family's daughter before, but few had actually seen her.
  • “Maverick, I heard that she's a vampish beauty with a stunning figure. Given that she's surrounded by men, there must be something really interesting about her.”
  • The men who were seated around the couch mostly chatted about the wedding and the bride, who had yet to show her face.
  • Meanwhile, a coquettish-looking woman standing on Maverick's right was scowling at the mention of the bride.
  • Unable to endure it anymore, she snapped, “Are all of you done talking?”
  • “Looks like Ms. Anna is angry.” It was obvious to everyone that Anna, who had followed Maverick through hell and high water, harbored romantic feelings for him.
  • The relationship both of them shared wasn't an ordinary one. Even though it involved intimacy, she still failed to become his wife. Instead, a woman called Jasmine Quillen had beaten her to it. That woman is not worthy of Maverick at all!
  • “Are you upset?” Maverick stubbed out his cigarette as he looked up. Despite the cold look in his eyes, his lips were slightly curled.
  • “Maverick.” Anna called out his name, well aware of her position. She might have shared his bed but had no illusions about her place and where his threshold lay.
  • “Maverick, why don't you bring out your bride and show her to us to cure our curiosity?” someone suggested, which was quickly followed by a chorus of approval.
  • Raising his glass elegantly, Maverick downed the liquor in a single gulp before giving them a discreet nod.
  • Meanwhile, inside another presidential suite was a lady wearing exquisite makeup and a designer wedding gown tailored at the fashion capital of the world. Although it was her wedding that day, none of her family were present. All she did was sacrifice her entire life the moment she signed on the dotted line.
  • Regardless of how unwilling she was, she had become the substitute for her elder sister in the latter's marriage to Maverick, the leader of the Mafia group, a man who had the reputation of the devil, all just to repay her debt of gratitude for being raised.
  • At that moment, she squatted in the corner of the room, trembling. She was only twenty-two and had her whole life ahead of her. As for Maverick, he was older than her by six years. The fact that she was inside a room with bright lights and lavish decorations failed to quell her anxiety.
  • In spite of the fear that gripped her, her fate wasn't hers to decide.
  • Having not eaten anything for the entire day, she was struck by a dizzy spell. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the table other than wine and wine glasses. She was someone who never touched a drop of alcohol before and also the epitome of a good student in school.
  • Even then, she knew that agreeing to be her sister's substitute ended the life she previously had. As for her future, she could only take it one day at a time.
  • Just as hunger got the better of her and caused her luscious red lips to dry out, she bit down on her lip to snap herself back to her senses so that she could continue to wait for the terrifying man.
  • Just as the door opened with a loud crack, two burly men entered instead of the bridegroom she was expecting.
  • “Mrs. Lambert, Maverick wants you to come with us.” The man who spoke barely showed her any respect.
  • “Where are you taking me?” Josephine Quillen curled back into her corner, just like a frightened rabbit.
  • No sooner had she spoken than the men pulled her up forcefully.
  • Her desperate attempts to struggle free were nothing but a futile effort.
  • “Argh!” Before she realized what was going on, Josephine felt herself being flung to the ground, where she crashed painfully onto the carpet.
  • “Jasmine, raise your head!” Maverick spoke in an indifferent voice, its domineering aura unmistakable.
  • Oh right! I'm Jasmine now, not Josephine.
  • Nevertheless, she still didn't dare raise her head for fear of being recognized as a substitute.