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Chapter 9 Eight

  • When my eyelids flutter open, a head full of blond curls is fussing over me. I blink twice and my vision clears. I see now that it is the bimbo who was touching Brandon, I shriek and push her off me. How dare her? She can touch, even have Brandon but not me.
  • A small yelp escapes the bimbo’s lips as her butt connects with the floor and a smirk decorates mine but it doesn’t satisfy me. I want to hurt her. I want to hurt Brandon. Where’s the bastard? Was he fucking her while I was unconscious? It is not beneath him, he’s a liar and a cheat. A monster.
  • The bimbo stands with a stern look on her face and I roll my eyes; if she thinks I will apologise to her she doesn’t know what’s coming for her. I sneer at her nipples which protrude through her white lab coat, the size of her breast makes her flat stomach seem flatter and my scowl deepens. She has a stethoscope around her neck and I hiss, she doesn’t fool me with the dress up.
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