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Chapter 34 Thirty-three

  • Our glasses clink, I take a sip, stare at him for a while and drop the flute to the table. He empties his glass in one gulp, refills it and tilts it in my direction before finishing half its content at once. I snatch his glass, set it to the table and switch to a straddling position. Hooking a finger under his jaw, I bite my lip, unable to identify the intense emotion in his eyes.
  • His fingers trail a line on my thigh, pushing my gown up as they near the band of my panties. Our foreheads touch, I suck my lips and pout when his eyes darken. I trace the contour of his nose, stop at his upper lip and suck in a sharp breath when his fingers move closer to my warmth. An inch forward and he will be inside my wetness.
  • “Take it off,” he commands. I nod and pull off my panties with shaky hands. He grabs it from me to sniff it and my shoulder sags in relief when he smiles. His fingers dig into my scalp, I sigh softly. “Tell me about you.”
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