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Chapter 14 Thirteen

  • No words leave my lips after that and he seems to find it okay. We step into the building and I see it’s a hotel, a big, fancy hotel with no one in the corridor except for the pretty receptionist. Her face lights up in a smile as she walks over to hand Brandon a key card without a word spoken to me or an acknowledgement of my presence.
  • A strange urge takes over me, the need to shout it out to her and anyone who cares to listen that I am his wife and he has eyes for no other females but me. I remain mum by his side, counting under my breath for the damn elevator to open so I don’t have to spend another second looking at that female behind the counter. I hate that she’s white and pretty. She’s also rude.
  • “Elna, I don’t sleep with the staff,” Brandon says when we step into the elevator.
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