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Chapter 32 Thirty-one

  • “I inherited this when I was twenty-three,” Brandon tells me when I come to stand beside him outside the hotel we are lodged in and I find myself gulping in disbelief. At this age, I have nothing to my name. “I added my spin on it but I still want an expansion. I can give you a tour tomorrow, maybe you will share a few ideas with me?”
  • My mouth opens and closes, I take a long look at the skyscraper like it’s my first time here. It is amazing. I know Brandon is rich, his mannerisms tell of his background but I have resisted the urge of googling him to find out his net worth. My eyes locate his handsome face, he’s gazing in adoration at the hotel and I can’t help but smile in awe.
  • The way Adrienne and the other staff act around him led me to assume he is one of their rich guests who frequent here. He has never raised his voice on the staff who brings our meals on the days he doesn’t cook even when they are late. Instead, they would converse like old-time friends. My smile widens, every day I am convinced that his mean guy attitude is all a front.
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