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Chapter 23 Twenty-two

  • A feeling of peace washes over me, my head sinks into the pillow, my side digs into the bed and the knots in my shoulders disappear. The need to pee is strong but I don’t want to move from this position, I feel relaxed, content with my body in his arms.
  • Brandon’s arm is around my belly, my back is pressed against his chest and his face is tucked into the crook of my neck. His breath tickles my ear in the most delightful way and the heat from his body keeps us warm. I don’t even notice the AC that’s on full blast.
  • Afraid to ruin the sanctity of this priceless moment, I remain there for a while and sink my teeth into my lip when the lower part of my belly tightens. My eyes shut tight as if to relieve myself of the urge and I grit my teeth until I cannot hold it in anymore.
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