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Chapter 35 Thirty-four

  • Clothes lay on a colourful heap on our bed with a suitcase open, my footsteps echo as I saunter to the wardrobe to get the rest of my things. I return to the bed with my set of lingerie and start folding clothes into the bag. The heap disappears into the box, I straighten up and sigh when Brandon’s arms wrap around my waist from behind.
  • Brandon tucks his head into the crook of my neck, his breath fans my ear and my body thrums in response when he says, “If it were in my power, we would have stayed back.” I smile and nod. “I’ll make it up to you.”
  • My head bobs up and down again, already tired of hearing his apology. I understand; it’s not his fault. The call he received when we were at the restaurant requested his presence today and I can’t help but be glad that we were able to bond before that happened. My dream of seeing the Eiffel tower with him, the place we saved for the last of our sightseeing will come true but some other time. I purse my lips, if we knew this would happen, we would have gone earlier instead of saving it for our last day
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