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Chapter 13 Twelve

  • Once the door of the private jet slides open, I am blessed with a view of the limousine waiting for us. The chauffeur in a black suit is standing by the side, a hand on the door handle, ready to open up. I chuckle at the sight, I have never had a chauffeur, I don’t even have a car and I can’t help but think about how much my husband is worth.
  • Brandon’s hand comes around my waist to steady me as we walk down the short stairs and a small smile flits to my lips. As soon as my feet lands on the pavement, I tap his shoulder. His head turns in my direction, eyebrow arched and I place a chaste kiss on his lips which stops him in his track.
  • His surprise is barely concealed, I giggle and drag him gently for us to resume the journey to our car so I can avoid explaining myself. I have no idea why I did that too.
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