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Chapter 26 Twenty-five

  • My body lights up in response to the kisses Brandon begins to litter all over my neck, trailing a path up my ear for his teeth to gently scratch my earlobe and a shiver runs through me. His fingertip grazes my lower lip, my tongue comes out to wet it and my breathing becomes shallow when he pushes it inside my mouth. He pulls his thumb out, I swallow and blink morosely as his lips come closer to mine, afraid and excited for them to tango. I want to kiss him too but there could be people inside watching us.
  • The glass doors show us a reflection of ourselves and our contrasting complexions; I swallow. My cheeks are flushed, the beanie on my head has repositioned itself while Brandon’s hair is ruffled, all thanks to my fingers. It’s odd enough that we are not like the usual couples with our different skin tones, kissing in public will only bring more attention to us. At the airport, I had no problem kissing him because it was more private.
  • My shyness creeps back in and I look away from his face. I will be mortified if anyone sees us kiss or passes me another one of the disapproving looks that seem to be making a round since we stepped out of the elevator together. They had better get used to seeing this interracial couple, I am here to stay, we will make our week-old marriage work.
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