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Chapter 22 Twenty-one

  • A sigh leaves my lips, my shoulders sag, I don’t know what to say and I am grateful for the fact that he doesn’t try to continue the conversation. I don’t want to mess things up again by saying the wrong things.
  • The bra drops from my hand to the floor, I shrug off my shorts and panties, stand on my toes to place a chaste kiss on Brandon’s lips. I want him to take the lead. We stare at each other, our eyes communicating what we cannot or are afraid to say, then his lips claim mine with an urgency that has desire flooding my veins, coursing through me.
  • My fingers find their way into his hair, his hands cup my face to deepen our kiss. I moan into his lips, grinding my naked body against his while trying to rid him of those shorts in the way of his family jewels. My head falls back when he pinches my nipple and he begins to litter kisses on my neck, down to my collarbone, anywhere his mouth can reach with my hands all over his body, palming him through his shorts.
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