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Chapter 38 Thirty-seven

  • Our gazes clash, when I think I have gotten through to Brandon, he pulls on it and I let out a small cry. Tears slip from the corner of my eyes, I bite my lips. “Use your safe word.”
  • Brandon eyes me as my lips part open but for some reasons, I can’t bring myself to say the word, a part of me enjoys what we are doing, the lashing and teasing. He scoffs, I look down at my naked body and back to him, he’s still fully dressed except for his shoes which are missing. I gulp at the bulge straining against his trousers and lick my lips, I want a taste of him. My hands cover my breasts when he lets go of the chain and I wince when my fingers brush my areola, if we keep up with this, my nipples might fall off.
  • Rubbing my legs against each other, I moan and nod when he asks me to hop on the table, getting into his demanded position. On my knees with my butt in the air, my stomach resting on the hard surface and my legs hanging from the table. He cuffs my hands to the poles sticking out from each end of the table and I shiver in anticipation. My eyes widen when he connects the nipple-vagina chains to a lock I never noticed and I am forced to keep my head straight with my legs spread apart because any slight movement might cause a pull on the clips. I don’t want that.
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