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Chapter 27 Twenty-six

  • “Okay,” I say. “A sip for a sip, how’s that?”
  • Brandon’s index finger circles the top of his mug, he arches a brow and my lips widen into a charming smile which I hope will make him say yes. He doesn’t. Instead, he continues staring at me and I am forced to place a hand over his, bringing his attention back to the flowered cup. A corner of his lips lift but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes and my hand finds his knee under the table to squeeze it. He’s making a big deal out of it.
  • His Adam apple bobs, his tongue comes out to wet his lip and I laugh when his hair falls into his eyes when he tries to shake his head in response to my suggestion. Anyone watching us right now will think he is preparing for an arduous task when all I have asked him to do is take a sip of my whipped coffee. I nod, urging him with my eyes to man up and do it, take a sip. It’s still coffee but with a lot of sugar, the good stuff.
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