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Chapter 29 Twenty-eight

  • Giggles escape me as Brandon and I tumble to the bed with him falling on top of me. He lifts his hand for me to peel off his shirt and I do that with the speed of a Cheetah. His fingers dig into my skin as he rids me of my gown and a moan escapes me when he rubs circles around my nipples. My red, lace lingerie is soaked with my juices, I have made a habit of wearing only the sexy ones, I can’t be caught off guard again.
  • There’s a throbbing between my legs which shake uncontrollably when he separates them with his knee. His touches leave me breathless, inaudible words slip from my lips when he caresses the entrance of my vagina. The lower part of my belly tightens in anticipation and I cling to him, I want him to sate that fire burning inside of me.
  • His mouth closes over my nipple, his teeth graze the surface and I let out a strangled sound when he bites it. My fingernails dig into his scalp, he grabs my wrists to place my hands above my head and proceeds to stare at me. The wanton look in his eyes promises a series of merciless pounding into me and I lift my hip off the bed to let him know I am more than ready. He has held back for too long, afraid to lose control like he did that day we had the Eunice talk. But I can handle it.
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