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Chapter 37 Thirty-six

  • I stare at his retreating back unable to grasp what just happened until Brandon turns sharply to repeat his order. “Follow me.”
  • The invisible forces keeping my feet rooted to the ground lets up, I nod and trail behind him like a diligent puppy ready to serve its master. Silence is my only companion as we go down the long stairs and onto the lone corridor, passing through doors I didn’t know of their existence. He stops without notice and I almost run into his solid back.
  • A string of apologies leaves me, I twiddle my fingers, bite the inside of my lips and sigh. Brandon shifts to the side, I take one look in front of him and understand why he stopped. Seconds go by as he works the key into the keyhole of the door and my heart picks up pace, beating hard against my ribcage. My fists clench and unclench at my sides, I swallow. This feels like an execution with me as the prisoner up for slaughter.
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