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Chapter 11 Ten

  • A yawn escapes me, I blink to clear the rest of the sleep in my eyes with the back of my hand going over my mouth to prevent another yawn from slipping out. I swipe at the errant strand of hair over my face, putting my messy curls into a bun with a few tendrils falling out as I move into a sitting position to observe my environs. This is a new place.
  • The lighting of the place is off, the room is smaller and the walls are strange. They are brown. This is not home. Home. The word leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I jump off the bed at the fear that sweeps through me. I may dislike that big, empty house but at least, I am safe there. No harm will befall me other than sexual starvation.
  • “You cheated on me.”
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