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Chapter 15 He Has A Fiancée

  • Maverick stood by the windows, opting not to switch on the lights. The flickering cigarette in his hands was the only source of light.
  • His expression was dark, deterring anyone from venturing too close to him.
  • I can't believe that woman is capable of stirring my emotions. I've always prided myself on being composed, yet she managed to create a wave of turmoil in my heart when I caught sight of her at the café, sharing smiles with another man. They held hands, and she didn't shy away from his touch. In fact, she even reciprocated his smile.
  • As his phone rang, he glanced at the number and promptly answered the call. “Gregory, how did things go? Did you manage to uncover his identity?”
  • “Maverick, that man's name is Flynn Cheswick, the vice president of Jurich Group,” Gregory reported on the other end of the phone. However, Gregory couldn't quite comprehend why Maverick was interested in investigating Flynn. After all, their company had no existing business ties with Jurich Group whatsoever.
  • “Flynn Cheswick? The vice president of Jurich Group?” Maverick's gaze turned cold. Flynn Cheswick, huh? The man she could never forget?
  • “Yes. He joined Jurich Group three years ago and got engaged to Blossom Jurich, the daughter of Jurich Group's owner, a year ago. A month ago, he was promoted to the position of vice president. Flynn is also close to the Quillen family,” Gregory explained briefly. Given his current standing, conducting a thorough investigation on someone like Flynn would be relatively effortless.
  • Perhaps Maverick wants to know more about Flynn given his relationship with the Quillen family?
  • Maverick fell silent. It turns out they are childhood sweethearts, huh? Flynn is engaged to the daughter of the Jurich family. Why did he still meet Jasmine, though? Is he planning on leaving Jurich Group?
  • As he didn't say anything, Gregory called out, “Maverick?”
  • “Send the details to my mansion tomorrow morning,” Maverick declared coldly. His determination to uncover every single piece of information was resolute, and he intended to leave no stone unturned.
  • Josephine stood in front of the mirror, carefully examining the marks left by the man on her skin. She chose to wear a turtleneck top and paired it with a jacket.
  • Rosa caught sight of Josephine emerging from the room, her face etched with exhaustion. After noticing the disarray in the living room, she could guess what happened last night.
  • The housekeeper's residence was quite far away from the main mansion. As per the regulations, they were not permitted to visit the mansion past a certain designated time at night unless specifically summoned by Maverick using the internal line.
  • “Ms. Quillen, are you okay?” Rosa approached her, sounding concerned.
  • “I'm fine.” Josephine had managed to acclimate herself to the harshness of reality.
  • Rosa felt bad seeing how exhausted she looked. “Ms. Quillen, please wait a moment. Breakfast will be ready soon.”
  • Maverick descended the staircase, dressed in a sleek black robe. Taking his position at the corner of the stairs, he called out, “Jasmine!”
  • Josephine didn't realize he was calling her temporary name and stood stiffly at the door of the dining room.
  • “Jasmine!” Maverick's displeasure escalated, causing him to raise his voice to a near-furious roar.
  • Josephine swiftly pivoted on her feet, a tinge of fear coursing through her veins after the events of the previous night. However, she recognized that evading him was not an option. With pursed lips, she mustered her courage and approached him.
  • “Mr. Lambert,” she responded in a trembling voice, fully aware that she had erred in offending this man. She also acknowledged that attempting to offer explanations would be futile, as he was not inclined to believe them and instead considered them feeble excuses.
  • “Are you planning to meet that man again today? Haven't you had your fill of him yesterday?” Maverick glanced at Josephine's attire, noting the turtleneck she was wearing, which effectively concealed the love bites he had left on her neck.
  • “I can stay at home.” Josephine knew he wanted her to remain indoors and was prepared to obediently comply with his wishes.
  • Maverick scoffed coldly. “Brew a cup of coffee for me.”
  • “Okay.” Josephine immediately headed into the kitchen to brew coffee for him. She didn't know his preference, but Rosa would tell her about that.
  • Soon, she delivered a cup of coffee to him and stood aside meekly, afraid he'd get displeased.
  • “Jasmine, did Cliff call you recently?” Maverick stared at her. He was told that she was Cliff's favorite daughter. Has he abandoned his daughter as he is busy escaping?
  • Josephine tensed up. “N-No.” Cliff would never call her, ever.
  • “No?” Maverick arched a brow. “Doesn't he care about your well-being at all? Was it just a rumor that Cliff adored his only daughter? Don't forget that you're mine now. No one can touch you and your heart without my permission!”
  • Josephine wrung her hands, not knowing what to say.
  • “If you dare to meet another man, do you want Cliff or Flynn to meet their end first?”
  • Josephine paled visibly upon hearing the ominous threat. He knows about Flynn. Will he go after Flynn and strip him of everything he has?
  • As Gregory arrived with the file, he noticed Josephine standing nearby, her complexion pale as a sheet. He promptly handed the file to Maverick and said, “Maverick, here's the information you requested.”
  • As Maverick fished out the papers, a photo of Flynn fell out. “Do you know he has a fiancée?”
  • His voice was calm, yet his words carried an explosive force that nearly caused Josephine to lose her balance.