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Chapter 93 TRS #2: TROUBLE

  • Isaac Calland
  • Today, I begged Linnea's parents to let Linnea stay with me tonight. I'm glad that they let me have her. After we got home from looking at the Northern Lights, Linnea was still trying to cancel everything but I assured her parents and mine that we will still proceed with the wedding.
  • I got out from the shower and found Linnea sitting on the chair beside the window. She was hugging her legs and looking at the moon blankly. I walked to her and kneeled in front of her.
  • "What are you thinking?" I asked and she shook her head.
  • "What will people say knowing that I have 2 engagement parties in 2 weeks with 2 different men?"
  • "I can guarantee you that this will be your last one." I said as I took her hand. She put her legs down and she leaned closer to me. She cupped my face and caressed it.
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