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Chapter 15 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Elliot Estelle
  • I saw Logan and Amanda walk together into Amanda's room and sadness was written in their eyes. Amanda told me that tomorrow Logan will leave London to go back to Denmark. I knew this time would come sooner or later.
  • Of course, Logan's father will pull him back to Denmark because he knows that Logan is getting too attached to Amanda.
  • It was obvious to me that Amanda loves Logan. It was not a friendship kind of love, it was romantically love. She loves Logan and you can see it in her eyes that's why she doesn't want to let Logan go.
  • It was heartbreaking for me to see Amanda this sad. She never wanted something that bad in her life except for wanting Logan to stay. She knew that she would never have Logan because it's a rule for him to marry another noble family's daughter.
  • "I wish we can do something for Amanda." My son, Victor, said.
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