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Chapter 91 TRS #2: TROUBLE

  • Linnea Lindberg
  • Our parents locked us in Isaac's room forcing us to talk it out. I sat on the chair next to the window not planning to talk to him. He's being ridiculous and crazy.
  • "Are you seriously going to give me a silent treatment now?" Isaac asked and I ignored him.
  • "Are you going to act like a child now?" He bursted and I laughed dryly.
  • "When will you act like a Queen? When will you learn to be a Queen? Where did that question go? Ah! Ever since you knew I have dyslexia.." I said sarcastically as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.
  • "I don't need your pity, Isaac. I'm fine doing everything by myself, I don't need you to rule Sweden for me. One day, you might kill me for turning you into one." I said as I turned to him.
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