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Chapter 45 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Valentino Nielsen
  • I walked out the door to get some fresh air and my eyes landed on Logan who's sitting on the bench in the middle of the garden looking at the sky blankly. I know that's he's not himself lately especially when he can't get in contact with Amanda.
  • He's been so cooperative lately, he listens to everything that I say. As much as I love that, it's a little bit scary. He's been living like a robot ever since Amanda left him for good to America. Logan obeyed us like a robot and he rarely smiles.
  • He told me that he will proceed to be King. He said that he won't back away from the coronation.
  • "He's been acting like that for more than a month, it scares me." I turned to my father who stood beside looking at Logan.
  • "At least, he's cooperative." I said coldly.
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