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Chapter 8 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Amanda Estelle
  • "What are you thinking?" I asked Logan because he kept looking at the sky blankly. He sat up straight and he turned to me shaking his head.
  • We're currently sitting on a bench at Hyde Park with our rented bikes. Logan was wearing a black mask to cover his mouth because he said he has a pollen allergy. We were a little tired after strolling around Hyde Park.
  • "I love this place.." Logan said as he looked at the trees and then he turned his attention back to me.
  • "Do you have something in mind? You can tell me.." I said because it's been a week since we've become friends and I can say that I'm so comfortable being with him. It was like we've been friends for years when the truth is that we just met last week.
  • "My father asked me about my future last night, I think I might go back to Denmark after I finish highschool." He said and I pulled my legs up to the bench turning my body fully to him.
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