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Chapter 58 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Amanda Estelle
  • I went back to London to talk about my work to my family. I was a little nervous actually because I don't know where to start. My grandfather was probably so disappointed and sad.
  • After the coronation, I decided to go to London even though Logan hates the idea of me leaving but I have to settle everything fast if I want to be with him seriously. I need to go to New York too. I need to take care of my business before leaving and brought my things from New York back to London.
  • After taking all back to London then I will move to Denmark as soon as possible.
  • "There's nothing outside, Amanda." My grandfather said and I turned to him. We're currently still in our jet to go back to London.
  • "What's on your mind?" My father asked and I looked at my glass of wine blankly.
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