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Chapter 83 TRS #2: TROUBLE

  • Isaac Calland
  • Linnea was laughing crazily when she successfully cracked an egg on my head. She said she always wanted to try to crack a boiled egg with her head but she hurt herself so she cracked it on mine. I was scratching my head where she cracked her egg.
  • Living my life with Linnea is fun. I never thought it would be this fun even though sometimes she's unpredictable.
  • She went to my office one time just to cuddle me for 30 minutes and then she left. She once tried to cook for me and almost burned my mansion down. She wanted to learn how to drive and ended up crashing my favorite Ferrari in process. She once called me 3 in the morning just to have eat instant noddle in her apartment. She challenged me to watch a horror movie and she's the one who ended up having nightmares because of it.
  • She told me to teach her how to swim and I told her it wasn't a great idea since it was starting to get chilly in Norway. She ended up sick for almost a week. I didn't go to work because she turned into a koala and I'm her tree. Linnea once asked me to buy her a cake after work and I did.. she forgot that she has an allergy to peanut. I had to call a doctor at midnight because she's starting to get itchy.
  • She's so over protective to me that she always got jealous if I hungout with my friends who are girls. She gave me a tons of kisses, hugs, cuddles and just her cute clinginess.
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