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Chapter 25 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Logan Nielsen
  • I looked at Mandy who's now looking the room ceiling blankly. I wonder what is she thinking, she's laying on the bed beside me but it felt like she's somewhere else. I poked her cheek and she turned to me.
  • "What are you thinking?" I asked and she smiled.
  • "Nothing.. just random things." I know she's lying. Linnea must have said something to her, she seems distant. I took her hand and caressed it.
  • "Let's see each other once in 2 months, what do you think?" She suddenly asked out of nowhere and I chuckled.
  • "Do you think I can wait that long? Do you want to see me go crazy?" I asked and she sat up straight making me a little bit confuse.
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