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Chapter 17 TRS #1: PRINCEZONE

  • Logan Nielsen
  • I waved my hands to Mandy from inside the plane. Mandy waved back at me and she smiled. I felt like my heart was cut into pieces. The plane moved and Mandy was slowly fading away. Tears starting to fill up my eyes and I cried.
  • I don't care if all my guards inside the plane saw me crying, I don't care. I wanted to stay in London so bad. I tried to stay strong in front of her when the truth is that my heart was hurting so bad. My breathing pattern got shorter that it's was hard for me to breath normally.
  • I cried my heart out and the airplane took off at the same time.
  • After crying for a while, I looked out the window blankly. The air stewardess asked me if I wanted anything and I immediately shook my head. I took off my seatbelt and walked into the room. I sat down on the bed and opened the scrapbook that Mandy gave me.
  • I smiled looking at the photos and I can't help but try to laugh remembering our funny moments. After that I closed my eyes and laid on the bed.
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