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Chapter 66 TRS #2: TROUBLE

  • Linnea Lindberg
  • I got up because I heard someone knocking on my apartment like a crazy person. I quickly put on my robe and walked from my room to open the apartment door.
  • Who the hell dares to interrupt my beautiful morning?
  • I opened my door and guess who? It's none other than Raphael. He brought his security team and gestured them to go inside. He looked at me coldly and I walked towards my living room crossing my legs as I looked at people trying to inspect my apartment.
  • One of them brought the man that I slept with tonight out of my room completely naked.
  • "Baby.. who are they?" Greg asked me as he looked at all of them confused. Raphael gestured to the guards to get rid of him and I rolled my eyes. I leaned my body back to the sofa and Raphael looked at me angrily.
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