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Chapter 46 First Step

  • Zack
  • My heart races as I jump over a bush and dart through the trees. Where can my sister be? I swear we have searched every inch of our pack lands, but we still haven’t gotten any clues as to where she is hiding. Maybe she isn’t in our territory anymore.
  • I shake my head. No. She wouldn’t venture out on her own, but where can she be?
  • I duck under a low branch as my paws pound against the ground. Dirt flies behind me while I continue to run as fast as I can. My legs suddenly wobble, and my breath hitches as I slow down a little. How long have I been out here? I can’t remember.
  • The sun has set, and the sky is now turning dark. I need to stop for the night, but I don’t want to. I need to find her first before I can go back home.
  • My wolf whines, “Let’s head to the stream up ahead and rest for a bit. Maybe we can catch a fish and eat too. We have been at this for hours without finding anything, not even her scent. It is time for us to rest for a bit and eat.”
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