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Chapter 10 Reason for Jacob's trip

  • I stare at Zack’s back as he storms out of the conference room. What in the heck has got him all worked up? However, his subtle jab with his words earlier still irritates me.
  • My eye twitches as I turn my attention back towards Blake. “I was going to say he has been very professional and helpful, but after seeing his little tantrum, I may change my mind.”
  • Blake glances over his shoulder at the empty doorway and sighs. “He has his moments. I’m hoping he can find his omega soon. He needs to get in his alpha position before his frustrations and waiting eat him alive.”
  • My heart twists while I fight to keep a blank face. However, I quickly push this strange feeling out of my mind. “Well, he is old enough. I have to admit that I’m surprised he hasn’t found his mate yet. Maybe his mate is a lot younger than him, which is why he hasn’t found her. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time now.”
  • Again, my heart twists along with my stomach as I force the words out of my mouth which taste bitter. What is going on? Why do I have this kind of reaction when I’m talking about the cocky jerk?
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